Adaptogenic & Activated

A creamy strawberry nut mylk made with alkaline water and sprouted almonds. 

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Love Elixir

This elixir will boost your immune system while helping you to feel calm, grounded, and centered thanks to chaga and reishi mushrooms.

Chaga feels like a warm, gentle hug. When you think of chaga think of fortifying the immune system. It also has been referred to as the beauty mushroom as it reduces inflammation and supports the skin to glow from the inside, out.

Reishi is your friend to help calm, relax, unwind, and arrive back into your body at any point of the day. It is a spiritual herb helping to adapt to the stressors in your life and navigate them with more ease. For anyone who loves a glass of red wine in the evening, reishi is a wonderful alternative.


Strawberries, Sprouted Almonds, Alkaline Water, Coconut Butter, Dates, Chaga, Reishi, Vanilla, Sea Salt, Beet Juice