Your Dairy Replacement

Everything you could ever want in a milk. NEVER any added preservatives or additives.

Vanilla Nut Mylk
Vanilla Nut MylkVanilla Nut MylkVanilla Nut MylkVanilla Nut MylkVanilla Nut MylkVanilla Nut Mylk

A delicious, creamy, guilt-free sweet treat. Used in smoothies, baking, or just to sip in the evening.

Available in 16 oz and 64 oz glass bottles of organic cold-pressed juice.


Cashews, Almonds, Dates, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Sea Salt


We got sick of checking the back of nut mylk cartons and reading a laundry list of ingredients we didn’t recognize… so we made our own! This Vanilla Nut Mylk is everything you could ever want in a mylk. There are NEVER any added preservatives or additives. It's pure, natural, and unadulterated food from Earth!

Many of you have been asked how we make it. First, we soak the nuts in purified water to breakdown the phytic acid which supports improved digestion and better absorption of minerals, such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Then, all ingredients are blended in a high-powered blender (we use and love the Vitamix) and pressed + squeezed to leave a perfectly creamy and silky nut mylk.


  • Provides plant protein & micronutrients
  • Provides healthy fats
  • Replaces dairy & preservative laden alternatives


Our Vanilla Nut Mylk makes the best night cap! It’s a delicious alternative to an evening sweet treat. We use it as an ingredient for so many different things - anti-inflammatory Golden Mylk lattes, smoothies, cereal, chia seed pudding… Hot tip: blend 1/2 a frozen banana with 1 cup of nut mylk. The satisfaction is off the charts!
P.S. If you make your own lattes regularly, don't forget about our 64oz option!


You know the sweet, decadent milk leftover from your favorite bowl of cereal! It tastes like a super-powered, plant-based version of that! Like healthy Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk.