Raw, Vegan Crackers

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When I first transitioned to a mostly raw, plant-based diet, I craved a crunchy, savory cracker. I did my very best to create my own using the juice pulp from our juices, but they were no match to the crackers I found at a local health food store.

These crackers are raw, organic, gluten-free, and vegan and SO tasty! My favorites are the Pizza Thins + Kale Goji crackers so I wanted to make them available for you here through Alchemy Juice's delivery.

Raw foods have not been heated, or have only been heated at very low temperatures, which helps maintain the most amount of nutrition! Pair it with your juice for a nutrient-dense snack or, my personal favorite, use the Pizza Thin crackers to make mini pizzas with Miyoko's raw cheese. Yum!